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Vote For Your Favorite Features

GeoAnalyser follows a continuous upgrade process with short release cycles. This means that we are continuously working on new features to extend it's capabilities. All updates are made freely available as soon as they are released.

You will find below a list of suggested new features. In order to help us establish our priorities, please rate the features below based on a 1 to 5 scale where:
  • 5 stars = you would like to have the feature as soon as possible.
  • 1 star = you like the idea but don't think it should be considered for now.
  • Abstain if you don't think the feature would be of any use to you.
You may also suggest another feature that is not part of the given list. Thank you for helping us making GeoAnalyser even better to you!

Commercial Projects Design

This feature will add to GeoAnalyser the ability to help you design commercial projects. This will include:

- Design by building zone;
- Multiple heat pumps per project; and
- Multiple loops per project design.

User Defined Heat Pumps

This features will give the ability to add a personalized heat pump to the list of pre-defined heat pumps by defining the heat pump's specifications.

GeoAnalyser Mobile

This feature will let you access your GeoAnalyser projects from a mobile terminal (cell phone, pad, netbook) on a specifically designed interface.

Projects Sharing

This feature will add project sharing capabilities in order to collaborate with one or more person(s). It will enable you to:

- Share a particular project with a business partner (must be a user of GeoAnalyser);
- Define how you would like to share your project (read only access or full access);
- Set up working groups (ex.: your colleagues) and set default sharing options. For example, you could give read-only access by default to your colleagues working group for any newly created project;
- Export a project to a file on your hard drive that you could send by email to another GeoAanlyser user; and
- Import a project from file on your hard drive.

Project Documents Storage and Sharing

This feature intends to provide you with an online storage space where you could upload documents related to a particular project. As a result, you will have the ability to share all or specific documents with your partners as well as the ability to access your project's documents from any computer securely.

Look up the nearest weather station by map.

Actuellement, GeoAnalyser permet de sélectionner la station météo la plus proche dans une liste filtrée par la province du projet. Cette fonctionnalité permettra de rechercher la station météo la plus proche à partir du code postal ou en sélectionnant la station météo sur une carte centrée sur l'adresse du projet.


The GeoAnalyser is a great design tool. It is very detailed and will give you lots of information to go over with your clients.
Nancy Dalgard
BRC Mechanical Inc. (President)
Ontario, Canada