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GeoAnalyser is a subscription based software. Our customers get unlimited access to GeoAnalyser on all platforms with free unlimited updates. We are committed to offering you the most accurate designs for your projects and bringing you continuous updates on an ongoing basis. Therefore, all the updates made to GeoAnalyser will be absolutely free of charges as long as you maintain an active subscription.

If you would like to try out GeoAnalyser before committing to a yearly subscription, you can signup for a full-featured 30 day trial absolutely free. Once you are ready to buy your subscription, you will be able to upgrade your account and keep all the projects you created during the trial period.
Trial Individual License
Unlimited Access 24/7 yes yes
Unlimited projects yes yes
Heat Pumps Database yes yes
20 years of weather observations yes yes
Professional reports Watermarked yes
Expires after 30 days 1 year
Price Free 395$CA
Special price: CGC Members 1 N/A 99$CA
Special price: CGC Students and Colleges with CGC Agreement 2 N/A Free
120 days

1 We offer special pricing to all CGC members in good standing. We deliver Order Coupons on a per request basis. If you are a CGC member, please contact us to request your coupon code with your member number. Offer limited to one coupon per member. Please contact us to obtain your coupon code.

2 We offer free unlimited 120-day subscriptions to all students enrolled in a CGC accredited training course. This offer is valid to all CGC training sessions and to all colleges having an agreement with the CGC. If you are a professor, please contact us in order to find out how to give access to your students.


Simplified by design. Complex if required. I am a big supporter of web-based design software. I know I will be always working with the latest version. Furthermore, something always changes during the construction phase. With access to the web, I can confirm design changes instantly.
Chris Koch, P.Eng.
Shine Energy Systems Inc. (President)
British Columbia, Canada