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Professional geothermal projects design:

GeoAnalyser lets you design the heat exchanger of your residential geothermal project for both vertical and horizontal loops.

Canadian Market Heat Pump Database:

We have integrated all the major heat pump models used on the Canadian market (based on more than 10 000 Canadian installations). This feature will let you design all of your projects in one place, regardless of which heat pump you are planning to use for a particular project.

High Accuracy:

Benefit from the latest research in GeoExchange technology! Our algorithms are base on latest scientific researches and literature and are validated against thousands of real-life projects.

In order to achieve the best estimates of your heat exchanger configurations, we have integrated into GeoAnalyser over 20 years of hourly weather observations.

Universal Access 24/7:

GeoAnalyser works everywhere! There is no software to install and you can access it securely from any computer connected to the Internet (from the office, your customer's computer,...).

As a Web Application, you may use it on all the platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux) and on any recent browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome,...).

Continuous Updates and Enhancements:

We are committed to offering you the most accurate designs for your projects and bringing you continuous updates on an ongoing basis. All updates made to GeoAnalyser will be absolutely free of charge as long as you maintain an active subscription.
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Professional Reports:

Print out automatically generated professional reports that are ready to support your commercial estimates or to share with your team members.

Multiple Unit Systems:

GeoAnalyser gives you the flexibility to work with the unit system you are most comfortable with, and to print your reports using the units your customer understands.

Unit systems are selectable on a per project basis. Thus, you may have multiple projects in your account, each using a different unit system. You may also switch from one unit system to another in a particular project, and let GeoAnalyser handles the conversions. Currently, GeoAnalyser offers both Imperial and Metric unit systems. More unit systems should be expected in the near future.


Currently GeoAnalyser speaks fluently both English and French. More languages to come in the near future.


GeoAnalyser's ease of use combined with the power and completeness of calculations set the standard of computer assisted GeoExchange design. Gains in time and accuracy guaranteed. CGC is once more leading and performing. Congratulations!
Claude R. Agouri, Eng.
Quebec, Canada