What is GeoAnalyser?

GeoAnalyser is a Web-based software intended to help you accurately design your GeoExchange projects.

GeoAnalyser Works Everywhere!

No need to install any software or transfer files. Your projects will follow you wherever you are on any computer in the world!

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A reliable, universal and cost-effective way to design your ground source heat pump systems

Proven algorithms Well proven and tested algorithms based on scientific literature and thousands of geothermal installations.
Canadian heat pumps database A database of all major canadian heat pumps.
Made for geoexchange professionals An easy-to-use interface made for GeoExchange professionals.
Weather observations database Based on an exhaustive and historic weather observation database.
Continuous updates An ongoing update process giving you more features for free.

List of GeoAnalyser's features


GeoAnalyser's ease of use combined with the power and completeness of calculations set the standard of computer assisted GeoExchange design. Gains in time and accuracy guaranteed. CGC is once more leading and performing. Congratulations!
Claude R. Agouri, Eng.
Quebec, Canada
The GeoAnalyser is a great design tool. It is very detailed and will give you lots of information to go over with your clients.
Nancy Dalgard
BRC Mechanical Inc. (President)
Ontario, Canada